White Board | Dry Erase Magnetic Whiteboard

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  • ✔️MULTI USE: Built for brainstorming, organizing information, ideas and teaching. This white board is double sided allowing for twice the space to write, present and display information. Suitable for offices, classrooms and personal use, it is now easier than ever to visually display your information. The smooth surface allows for excellent erasability without leaving traces behind while the board itself is also made of a magnetic surface allowing for posters, pictures or paper to be displayed.
  • ✔️BUILT IN TRAY: Below the board is a full length tray that's large enough to hold any accessories needed for the board. Store white board erasers, pens, magnets, rulers or any of the accessories that come with the board. With the tray positioned at the bottom of the board, anything you need is reachable at your fingertips. The ease of access is especially useful when used during a presentation or lecture.
  • ✔️VISUALLY APPEALING: The boards are slender and sturdy, and the 1" frame adds to the sleek appearance, perfect for usage in meeting rooms and office spaces. The board itself comes in a classic white color and is made of high quality porcelain on a steel surface that is both scratch and stain resistance and is built for durability and years of use.
  • ✔️GOOD VALUE: These whiteboards double up as a magnetic board, has two full sides for use, comes with accessories: pens, a ruler, magnets plus is portable, so it doesn't take up any wall space. The board also is large in size measuring in at 48x36 inches providing ample room for any of your writing or display needs. With the premium materials used to construct the boards, you won't need to worry about wearing down or replacing any boards for years to come.
  • ✔️FOR IDEAS BIG & SMALL: This white board allows you to keep organized and assists in displaying complex ideas. Use the ruler provided to draw out graphs & space out your ideas, use the magnets to pin up charts, and keep all your information neat and organized which is superior to writing alone when making a presentation at work or teaching a classroom. The erasable surface allows you to easily correct or add to your information and the double sided board and lets you prepare ahead of time.

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