The Space Box: 10 Book Box Set

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This box is out of this world! With ten superb books and five stunning posters, The Space Box for children is packed with up-to-date infographics, hands-on activities, and mind-blowing images of the wonders of the solar system and beyond – from black holes and the big bang to supernovas and comets. Every topic is covered in depth and detail while remaining easy to understand. Incredible cross-sections and lifelike cutaways created with ground-breaking CGI imagery reveal the inner workings of moons, planets, stars, space stations, rockets, and space suits. Then, apply your new knowledge of the planets, constellations, and outer space by doing engaging experiments that can be carried out at home, including making a star clock, a lunar calendar, a sundial, and a solar system for your home.

    • Recommend Ages: 9+
    • Format: Hardcover


  • Galaxies and the Solar System
  • Our Solar System Mercury to Mars
  • Our Solar System Jupiter and Beyond
  • Stars
  • Exploring Space
  • Humans in Space
  • The Night Sky Constellations 1
  • The Night Sky Constellations 2
  • Night Sky Activities 1
  • Night Sky Activities 2

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