The Smithsonian Picturepedia Box: 10 Book Box Set

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You cannot get a more visual, yet informative encyclopedia than Picturepedia: more than 10,000 images that explains everything under the Sun – and beyond! Each spread is a visual feast of up to 100 images, from a comprehensive gallery of photos presenting a range of cat breeds to step-by-step diagrams of how to dance ballet steps, to simple graphics that help explain complicated subjects such as the structure of the Ottoman Empire. Clear and engaging text includes bite-sized captions to accompany the images, timelines, top ten lists, fun facts and more. Every detail is presented in a way to attract even reluctant readers. Plus! Add a little robotics to your reference books with the voice distorter LED robot. At the push of a button, record your own voice and then play it back to hear it transformed into robot-speak.

    • Recommend Ages: 8+
    • Format: Hardcover


  • Science: Protons to Planets
  • Science: Technology to Trains
  • Nature: Fossils to Flowers
  • Nature: Fish to Birds
  • Nature: Horses to Habitats
  • Geography: Coastlines to Climates
  • Culture: Art to Architecture
  • Culture: Sports to Hobbies
  • History: Villages to Empires
  • History: Exploration to Espionage

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