The Dinosaurs Box: 10 Book Box Set

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This brilliant box of books for children is packed with prehistoric beasts from dinosaurs and pterosaurs to marine reptiles and early mammals. There are more than 1,000 images in ten books and five posters, including realistic digital reconstructions that have been updated with the latest scientific expertise. The Dinosaur Box also features the most recent fossil finds and skeleton reconstructions. Discover what dinosaurs looked like, how and where they lived, and how the latest scientific ideas have changed the way the world sees these fascinating prehistoric animals.

    • Recommend Ages: 9+
    • Format: Hardcover


  • Introducing Dinosaurs
  • Before the Dinosaurs
  • The First Dinosaurs
  • Scales, Heads, and Crests
  • Jaws and Claws
  • Taking Flight
  • Rise of Mammals
  • Dinosaur Files: Theropods and Sauropods
  • Dinosaur Files: Plant Eaters
  • Dinosaur Files: Dinosaur Neighbors

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