Squishies 30 Pack Random Kawaii Squishy Mochi Set Mini Soft Squeezable Sensory Fidget Toys

  • $18.99
  • Save $4

  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT: This 30 pack Random of Kawaii Squish Toys is something everyone can enjoy. Perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions these cute squeezable toys are something the whole family can enjoy.
  • ✔ BEAUTIFUL AND COLLECTIBLE: Have fun opening and discovering which Random styles and varieties came in your set. Each unit Packaged individually. Save, trade and collect to get a complete set or find the ones you love!
  • ✔A MULTI USE PRODUCT: These fun, durable kawaii inspired mini squishy toys are lots of fun as a toy, tradeable collector’s item or stress relief toy. Their size also makes them perfect for crafts and decor and their color and texture make them an amazing option for sensory/fidget style toys.
  • ✔SOFT SQUISHY AND STICKY: Made from a soft but very durable rubber style squishy material, these animal toys are soft enough to squeeze firmly but strong enough to last if cared for.
  • ✔A BUNDLE OF CUTENESS THAT BRIGHTENS ANY DAY: Squshiy, Squshies, Squashes, Squashy, Squishis, Squishiy, they have so many names! A perfect item to give or receive, let these fun mini squishies add a smile and a dash of joy to even the most aggravating day! Reduce anxiety, especially for moms, teens, adults, woman and children.

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