Rivoean Toy Guns Realistic 1:1 Scale Colt 1911 Rubber Bullet Pistol(Blue)

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  • 100% brand new and high quality.size M1911 toy gun with Rivoean,you can quickly shoot, increase the fun of the game.
  • Our toy pistol is specially designed for children with their safety in mind. It includes 10 soft bullets and a case that holds 5 of them. The soft bullets are shot in a short, 2 meter range with harmless impact. Appropriate for kids older than 6 year.
  • Like adult paintball, shooting guns can be a fun, challenging and active experience for younger children. It involves physical exercise, aiming skills, observation and stamina. It's also very entertaining, especially for group play!
  • If you are a gun owner,use the opportunity to teach about appropriate gun usage and shooter safety to your kid with a safe toy of real dimensions.There's no greater responsibility than gun safety, and toys present educational opportunities.
  • This is a unique product you won't easily find in other places.Take the chance and make a purchase now because it comes in limited stock and we can't guarantee future availability.

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