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  • 🌱DISCOVER THE PREMIUM TERRARIUM: Don't skimp on quality! With the Premium Terrarium Kit, you're making the choice for exceptional quality, ensuring the finest materials and most up-to-date technology are all included in your child's learning with this terrarium kit! A terrarium is a miniature garden grown in a container, simulating the natural environment. Little Green Farmer has spared no expense to include everything needed to craft, plant, water and grow one of the finest tabletop gardens!
  • 👑LARGE TERRARIUM KIT: Standing 8.5 inches tall, this terrarium towers above its fellow terrariums! With maximum room for plants to grow, and abundant exposure to sunlight, you have an ideal environment to begin growing your plants, ready to be bathed in water spray and sunlight, as you experience your seeds' growth within days! Follow the easy set-up and step-by-step instructions to create your own mini world!
  • 🐰DECORATE YOUR TERRARIUM: Your terrarium kit comes complete with the coolest accessories, allowing for unique designs, arranging the Rabbit Farmer and Carrot House figurines inside, while fashioning the stickers along the outside! You can rest easy knowing every kit is checked to include everything, from the container, soil, color sand, rocks, custom starry lid, spray bottle and harvesting stick to plant and grow your seeds (included), as you build your custom designed mini eco-system!
  • 🚦NEW-WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLED LIGHTS: Beneath the lid, an easy-removable/attachable LED light can be switched on to transform the night into magic, all by REMOTE CONTROL! These NEW wireless remote controls allow you to control a MULTI-COLORED light-show extravaganza in your terrarium from anywhere in the house! Easily recharged in the daytime with an included Micro-USB cable, your terrarium provides entertainment all day, as your plants grow by day and brightens to glow at night!
  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL TOY GIFTS FOR GIRLS & BOYS: Whether looking for an entertaining or educational gift, the Little Green Farmer kit was harvested to help with both! Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, our terrariums are one of the best ways to plant the seeds of science & curiosity, enhance children creativity & innovation, while nurturing patience & appreciation, as they engage in this family fun activity, continue to LEARN new subjects, and ENJOY the process while doing so!

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