Parallax 32600 Activity Bot 360° Robot Kit

  • $311.99
  • Save $62

ActivityBot 360° Robot Kit Are you ready for robotics? This smart little ActivityBot 360° Robot can get you started and take you far. It's easy to program visually with BlocklyProp or in C with simplified libraries. Feedback 360° High Speed Servos with built-in encoders make for fast, consistent maneuvers. A variety of sensors and components are included in the kit. Its Propeller Activity Board WX features built-in support for audio and wireless upgrades. The free web tutorials guide you step by step, just follow the checkmarks. First, build your ActivityBot. Then, learn about programming its multicore Propeller chip brain. Start building circuits on a breadboard, then make DIY sensor systems so your robot can navigate all by itself. Tutorial options include BlocklyProp graphical programming or C language with simplified libraries (see download section below). Choose your preference, or go from one to the other for a strong foundation and progression. The ActivityBot 360° Robot is ready for tinkering. Add off-the-shelf components, more sensors, and even upgrade kits. The Propeller Activity Board WX sports a mini audio jack and a socket for an optional RF module (not included). The ActivityBot 360° Robot builds transferrable skills in high school or college robotics, technology, engineering, and programming courses. The kit is recommended for ages 14 and up. Features Free BlocklyProp online graphical programming for Chromebook, Windows, and Mac Free C language programming with Simple IDE software for Windows and Mac Propeller Activity Board WX (#32912) makes it quick to integrate sensors, motors, and more Feedback 360° High-speed servo motors with built-in encoders make fast, consistent maneuvers Plug common electronic parts right into the breadboard or 3-pin headers. No soldering or special connectors needed! (more.). Made in China.

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