OKIKI Donkey Plush Stuffed Infant Toy

  • $27.99
  • Save $5

  • 100% Super Soft Plush
  • The MOST COMPLEX Plush Infant Toy that can be used from birth until at least 3yrs - not many Baby Development Toys you can say that about. Your little one will ALWAYS be AMAZED by all the things to discover on OKIKI stuffed animals for babies. So many textures & colorful elements that your child can pick up and shake - your baby will use this newborn toy more than any other lil’ friend and will spend many hours exploring it
  • ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR BABY. We used HIGH-QUALITY materials to PROTECT your baby’s Soft & Sensitive skin. Our sensory toy is great at diverting his/her attention - this baby toy even comes with a mechanical MUSIC BOX, NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! You just have to pull the ring at the bottom of the donkey and it will start playing a beautiful piano lullaby. YOOGIE, our musical stuffed animal toy, comes with SQUEAKY LEGS, CRINKLE EARS & CLACKER RINGS attached to its hands!
  • GET THIS INFANT TOY NOW and transform your loved one’s crib into A MAGIC WORLD! Instead of buying a bunch of developmental toys for babies you can get YOOGIE - it’ll get your baby excited every time he/she sees it. This crib toy comes with a funny kids MIRROR on its belly, a KEY TEETHER great for little gums and with perfectly sized legs so your child can grasp them and never get bored
  • VERSATILE and USEFUL, it can be used alone, without having to carry all those crib, carseat toys for infants with you all the time. Your LO will like the musical plush donkey so much - your baby boy/girl will start shrieking and bouncing and laughing every time you bring YOOGIE at the table. It can be easily hanged thanks to its hook, it has the perfect size as a baby toy 6 to 12 months and it makes up for a REALLY APPRECIATED GIFT
  • YOU CAN’T LOSE: Our team’s goal is to help you get the much needed rest while your kid plays with the SAFEST baby hanging toys! In the unlikely event that OKIKI’s crinkle baby toy is not right for you, just let us know and we will promptly find a solution for everyone to be happy. Hand-wash it with care and your kid will never need or want another one!

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