Nuheby Duck Bath Toy with Net Floating Octopus Dolphin Toddler Pool Net Bathtub Water Toys

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  • 🙇 Fun for bath time. Getting a toddler want to spend enough time in the bathtub to be fully washed sometimes includes bribery and toys.
  • 🙇 The little duck, octopus and dolphin that come with the net to be scooped are bright fun colors and fit perfectly into the net.
  • 🙇 Good size for kid's small hands. The little ones made of soft rubber and could be squeezed to make sound and that would make your baby laughing.
  • 🙇 It is a great way to practice children's fine motor skills. Kids will enjoy the challenge of trying to catch the floating toy in the tub or pool.
  • 🙇 When bath time is over, you can literally scoop all of the baby bath toys up with the net. It's small and doesn't take up much space.

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