Never Have I Ever Family Edition – This is a Party Game About You

  • $24.99
  • Save $5

  • Who’s the STRANGEST member of your family? Who has the FUNNIEST habits? Who’s found themselves in the MOST awkward situations? Time to deal the cards and find out!
  • Never Have I Ever Family Edition is the ultimate card game for the family that loves to laugh together… and occasionally AT each other!
  • When you play Never Have I Ever Family Edition and answer our amazing questions (truthfully!), you’ll learn amazing things about the people you THOUGHT you knew best!
  • We know you have a crazy family, because who doesn’t? What better way to enjoy a night with each other than getting REWARDED for the silliest things you’ve ever done?
  • Put away the board games, this box has just 224 cards specially curated for families, 6 custom paddles, and a spinner made for an awesome family game night. So check your shame at the door and laugh ‘til it hurts! Makes a great gift and ships directly from Amazon | 2-6 players | Ages 8+

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