My Dog is Home Alone Pet Alert Emergency ICE ID Plastic Wallet Card and Keytag

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  • ENSURE YOUR PETS’ PROTECTION & SAFETY: If you are ever in a situation where you are hurt and can’t speak, this card and key tag will do the talking for you. First responders can alert your contact people that you are hurt and that your pets are home alone. We hope you never have to use your card, but when you’re prepared for urgent situations, it makes all the difference for your family and pets!
  • PERFORMS DOUBLE-DUTY AS YOUR OWN PERSONAL MEDICAL I.C.E. CARD: Since the card contains information that lists any medical condition(s) or allergies you may have, blood type and medications that you take, first responders will be alerted so that they can perform treatment without compromising your health.
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. 30 MIL TESLIN PLASTIC (Thickness comparable to a shoppers club card). WRITABLE PLASTIC MATTE SURFACE ON THE BACK. FOR BEST RESULTS, PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. SHARPIE ULTRA FINE PERMANENT MARKERS WORK BEST. They will make your text dark and crisp without any rub off. Other markers or pens may not work as well. Wait for ink to dry a few minutes before putting away in your wallet. TIP: For extra protection, put tape over the written area to ensure no rub off with occur.
  • EVERY ORDER INCLUDES A MATCHING FREE 5” X 7” EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD. Sometimes it's hard to keep your composure and think straight during an emergency. This list helps to alleviate the extra stress of having to find a phone number so that you can quickly locate the company or person you need. Great to post on your fridge, near the phone or your door. Great to have for a baby sitter, parent, grandparent, college dorm room, first apartment, house or pet sitter too!
  • TIPS FOR FILLING OUT AND PRESERVING YOUR CARD: If you find that you can't write all of your info or write small enough on the card or key tag, you can use a Brother P-touch labeler on the smallest font. print and cut your info to size if needed. For added protection, add a piece of Scotch heavy duty shipping tape on top of the finished written or labeled back to seal it and make it smudge-proof, waterproof and smear-proof. Trim edges to size with an Exacto blade or razor.

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