LEEBS Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

  • $35.90
  • Save $6

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WHISKEY STONES: Eight solid granite cubes that perfectly chill your liquor, expertly crafted with the finest natural granite finish for fast, effective results.
  • LARGE & LUXURIOUS GLASSES: Unlike competitor sets with smaller shot glasses, these glass whiskey tumblers are 8.7oz (260ml), the perfect size for scotch or bourbon.
  • BETTER TASTING LIQUOR: Unlike ice cubes, whiskey stones don’t melt and dilute your drink so you can enjoy a tastier, smoother whiskey without watering down your drink.
  • COMPLETE SET: Included are 8 whiskey stones, 2 tumblers & tongs. Freeze the cubes and drop them in your drink to cool it. Tasteless, the stones won't alter the drink's flavor.
  • FASHIONABLE GIFT BOX: Crafted with exquisite wood and with a soft velvet pouch for the rocks, This beautiful set is the perfect present for Father’s Day, birthdays and holidays.

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