La Crosse Projection Alarm Clock with Weather Information

  • $49.99
  • Save $10

Shipping & Handling Included

  • 5 Projection Options with 4 Brightness Settings
  • Adjustable Projection Orientation
  • 5 Display Backlight Intensity Levels
  • Indoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Compatible with La Crosse View™ App

View Your Day, Your Way

We've taken the alarm clock to a whole new level! Not only do you get the traditional alarm and snooze functions, but with our new Wi-Fi Projection Alarm Clock you'll be able to easily view and adjust numerous other features as well. Set custom snooze durations, create one touch nap timers, receive real-time indoor temperature and humidity information, charge mobile devices, and project time and weather data onto your ceiling.



Forecast Data Powered by AccuWeather

We’ve partnered with AccuWeather to deliver accurate weather data directly to your alarm's LCD display. Once connected to the La Crosse View app, your alarm will display the day’s forecasted highs and lows, chance of precipitation values, dynamic forecast icons, and unique Data Streams to offer a detailed report for your specific location.

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