Gold Rimmed Clear Plastic Cups Set of 50 by Perfect Party Supplies

  • $21.90
  • Save $5

  • THOUGHTFUL PARTY CUPS: You’ve seen plenty of plastic drinking glasses today, and decided Gold Rim makes perfect sense for your food and beverage table! So you’ll also appreciate, we shrink wrapped your party cups in 10 packs of 5! Use what you need now while keeping the rest safe for next time!
  • 50x PREMIUM HARD PLASTIC CUPS: Of course, you’ll be using these gold trimmed plastic cups as Bachelorette party cups or wedding cups. Perhaps they’re for a special work function. Either way, we’ve kept it classy with BPA FREE PS Plastic and gold trim that won’t rub off on your face or hands!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: This quality makes each tumbler durable and if you drop it, it’s unbreakable. But it also means they are reusable cups (hand wash only)! Also perfect as disposable cups if you wish to save on washing up. They are made from recyclable plastic, so please recycle with care.
  • LOOKING FOR 9 OZ CLEAR PLASTIC CUPS? Perfect Party Supplies has a unique size – 10 oz Cups! You can fit more in each plastic cup without it becoming bulky. But the major plus, is the shape! Each cup is slightly taller and more comfortable to hold than the short stumpy cups, or frat sized 12 oz cups.
  • OUR PARTY PROMISE: When your set of 50 fancy plastic cups arrives (shrink wrapped, bubble wrapped AND boxed securely) – one of two cool things will happen. They’ll perform as promised and your guests will have a great time at your party! Or, you’ll find a party pooper cup and we’ll give you a full refund, exchange or replacement – So order from Perfect Party Supplies now risk free.

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