Amber and Amethyst Teething Necklace for Babies

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Baby’s first tooth is so exciting! But this milestone isn’t always the easiest one to get through. Teething comes with restlessness, achy gums, excessive drooling, and parents wanting to do anything they can to soothe and comfort their little one. Ease their pain with an all natural remedy from Bump. Our amber and amethyst teething necklaces are a wonderful solution to keeping your little one calm and comfortable as their teeth start coming in.

This all natural remedy is easy to use! Designed with a quick release clasp, you simply place the necklace around your child’s neck or wrap it around their wrist or ankle like a bracelet. For best results, place the necklace on your child with direct skin contact. Immediately distract them with a game or song to allow them to get used to wearing it. This helps keep curious little fingers from fidgeting or tugging at the beads.

When warmed through skin contact, our pure amber necklace allows succinic acid to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This acid is antioxidant rich and has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties to help with teething pains. The amber and amethyst necklace delivers all the benefits of the amber plus the added benefits of amethyst. Known as a master healing stone, amethyst works to calm and soothe your little one’s nerves and frustrations towards achy and itchy gums.

These necklaces are beautifully designed and extremely helpful for parents. Get one for you and your own little one or purchase a set as a baby shower gift. Any parent who receives one will be thrilled about their natural healing properties!

Please note that this necklace is not a toy or decoration. Never leave a child unsupervised while wearing the necklace, no matter how short of a time it may be. The necklace should always be removed before a child takes a nap or goes to sleep.

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